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Some limits

On this update we have put some limiter to claim, withdraw, why?
We know this is bad, but since there are more and more people coming to this website, claiming and all, we need to make sure that everyone get paid for what they do, so we need some limit.
Read more about it on the FAQ page

About timer

You might be wondering why there is a timer now??? And all the button is missing :o
Timer: because our advertiser rate is down for this moment, but worry not, because we will raise the reward base
As for the missing button, you know that there is some people who use imacross, so it be hard for them but not for you, and the captcha loading timer is same, about 5 seconds


So we are finished with the updates, and we will proceed to the next updates :D
There are a few more idea about next updates, here is the list
Safelink :
- Change captcha (from recaptcha to another one that easier and user-frienly)
- Fix bug (Sometimes safelink is looping infinitely when using chrome, the detail are in the FAQ section)
Faucet :
- A new event (Claim Leaderboard *with a secret reward for top rank)
- Claim timer (per coin)
- Daily limit on withdraw / user
- Daily claim limit / coin / user
- Update anti-bot (more user-friendly)
- Add Referral page (list referral and statistic for it)
- Add Withdraw page (last 10 withdraw)

Darak V2

Make it as simple as possible, that's what I think, so I made it and I enjoy it :)
On this update, I had to put some changes on a few sections and features
And since there are some features that required all of our website users data to be cleared such as claim log, withdraw log, activity log, etc (not referral data)
Your balance will be reset to 0 (of cource we will send your balance to your FaucetHub account before reset so don't worry about it)
And for old users, you need to verify your email, you can do it HERE