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First you need to register, then verify your email, after that login and start claiming your free coins!
We have a limit on sending email (currently 500 mail / hour is our limit) so when you do register, resend confirmation mail, or requesting for reset password and you not receive any email, please try again every an hour interval
First please check that you are not blocking our website's safelink, not using any AdBlock
If the safelink is till not working, make sure you activate your javascript, and save cookie (since we use cookie to save your state)
If the key that saved on the cookie or the captcha (recaptcha) response is invalid, you will be redirected to solve another safelink (again and again untill you succeed)
When you got invalid on the saved key (in the cookie), you should leave that page and request a new key on "Visit Link" section in claim page
Also there seems to be a bug on a certain web browser
We use ajax to send recaptcha response for verification request for each solved captcha, but when we try to use it on chrome, the request is being sent twice, it means the server is verifying same response twice, the first is succes and second is duplicate, and it make error, so you would infinitely looping in the sfaelink
Claim once on any coin and you are ready to withdraw
There are some problems with the withdraw? Maybe our website failed to communicate with the database, or the third party we use (which is FaucetHub in this case) to send the payment is down (for maintenance, or overload because there are too many requests) or web running out of API request limit (FaucetHub have a limit on how many request a website can make within a certain time)
Withdraw limit is :
BTC : 5 / 10000 Satoshi
LTC : 600 / 10000000 Litoshi
DOGE : 0.05 / 10000 DOGE
BCH : 50 / 100000 BSatoshi
As for claim, the limit is 150 claim / day on any coin